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Why Learn Biblical Hebrew?

Undoubtedly, one of the richest forms of studying the Old Testament or Tanakh is by reading it in its original language. With its emphatic expressions, pointed diction, and meaningful wordplay, learning to read Biblical Hebrew invites you to see the world through the eyes of the ancient Israelites. 

The original texts were written in ancient Hebrew (with a smaller portion in Aramaic) during roughly the first millennium BC and supplemented with vowels by the Masoretes in the late first millennium AD. Thus, readers of the Hebrew Scriptures today join a complex, multifaceted tradition some two millennia in the making.  

By beginning your journey to learn Biblical Hebrew, you are invited to experience the text in a new and meaningful way!  

Ancient Biblical Hebrew Scroll
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Who are Online Biblical Hebrew Classes for?

  • Students Just Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Upper-Beginner Learners
  • Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Students
  • Upper-Intermediate Learners
  • Advanced Biblical Hebrew (Learn to read Biblical Hebrew, speak the Biblical Hebrew text, and analyze the Masoretic Text)

Students who have benefited from Dr. Walt’s private online Biblical Hebrew lessons include: 

  1. Those wanting to read their Old Testament or Tanak in its original language in a personalized, structured format.
  2. University or seminary students desiring more affordable, one-on-one tutoring for testing out of beginner Hebrew classes, such as “Introduction to Biblical Hebrew.”
  3. Homeschooled students seeking high school credit for a foreign language or elective homeschool course.
  4. Students already enrolled in a Biblical Hebrew course who need additional tutoring customized for their individual learning needs.

What to Expect with Dr. Walt’s Biblical Hebrew Courses

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Biblical Hebrew student, Dr. Walt provides a wealth of supplemental material, including diagrams, charts, and illustrations he develops for his classes. 

Beginner Biblical Hebrew Classes:

For students just beginning their Hebrew journey, Dr. Walt uses Gary Pratico and Miles van Pelt’s Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar (Zondervan; 3rd edition) in addition to immersive content (see below). Considered one of the best and most popular resources for beginners as they learn to read Biblical Hebrew, this textbook also has an essential Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook (3rd ed.), which is replete with drills and translation exercises from passages of the Hebrew Bible. Students will benefit the most by purchasing both resources (found on the Resource Page). In addition, Dr. Walt supplies free supplementary digital material.

Intermediate and Advanced Biblical Hebrew Classes:

For students who have already begun to study the Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, we can pick up where needed. For those using a different textbook, there is no need to switch, as lessons can be tailored to your level. The beauty of 1-on-1 Biblical Hebrew tutoring is that Dr. Walt can address your specific needs. When you register, please note your current level and goals on the new student questionnaire, and Dr. Walt will work with you to create a customized learning plan.

One of Dr. Walt's photos of Jerusalem.
Study Biblical Hebrew online.
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Please see the “Homework and Time Commitment” section below for more details on the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Dr. Walt’s Biblical Hebrew Approach in His Own Words…

There are two common ways to learn Biblical Hebrew: the grammar and memorization-heavy approach common in universities (Grammar-Translation Method [GTM]) and a more immersive, reading-heavy approach (e.g., Comprehensive Input [CI]). Over the years, I have helped students frustrated with each of these learning models because each has definite advantages and disadvantages.

As such, I have found the best way to learn Biblical Hebrew is by combining these two approaches. For beginner students, we work through the “Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar” for its emphasis on grammar and essential vocabulary. Still, we also spend time immersing ourselves in reading and hearing the ancient Hebrew language so that even without understanding every word, students gain a better feel for the rhythm and flow of the biblical text.

As students progress to the intermediate stages, we read the book of Ruth in Hebrew, using it as a basis for learning upper-level grammar (from the latter half of the textbook) and continue incorporating strategies for reading and interpreting the text. Finally, students moving on to advanced study will work through key passages from the major genres, including narrative, law, prophecy, and poetry, as we discuss grammatical, textual, and historical issues as they arise in the text.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you achieve the level and goals that you have set. Consequently, no two classes are identical.
This personalized, multi-faceted approach should help you progress with clear understanding and confidence, just as it has for many other students.

What’s Included with Biblical Hebrew Classes on

Lessons with Dr. Walt Include:

  • Personal instruction with an emphasis on grammar and immersive reading
  • Answers to your specific questions from each week’s lesson
  • One-on-one reading and speaking exercises 
  • Supplementary charts, handouts, and illustrations created by Dr. Walt 
  • Homework based on the workbook and immersive exercises
  • Flashcards for increasing vocabulary retention
  • Insights on the historical development of Biblical Hebrew and cognate Semitic languages 
  • Cultural, geographical, and archeological insights that can significantly increase comprehension
  • Learn Paleo Hebrew with supplemental reading of inscriptions (optional)
  • Motivation and encouragement from your own language learning specialist
  • And more…
Learn to read Biblical Hebrew.
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Homework and Time Commitment

If you are like most students, you are probably asking one of these two questions: “How much homework is there?” and “How long will it take to work through the levels?” It depends on a student’s language-learning experience, class consistency, and commitment to the process. However, the following is a rough guideline:

Beginner and Intermediate Levels

In a standard university setting, the Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar is generally completed over two semesters. You can think of these as “Biblical Hebrew I” and “Biblical Hebrew II,” which align with our “beginner” and “intermediate” designations. Even with adding immersive components at the beginner level and reading through the book of Ruth at the intermediate level, a student consistently completing their homework and regularly taking weekly (non-holiday) classes can complete both levels within a year.

The average student spends 2-4 hours per week in self-study, depending on the student and lesson topic. This is in addition to the weekly 55-minute class with Dr. Walt. Of course, this is a rough guideline. The process can be expanded or condensed depending on a student’s needs and goals.

Advanced Level

At the advanced level, students work through key selections from the Hebrew Bible. Depending on a student’s vocabulary and grammatical understanding, this can take several hours outside of class. In class, important grammatical, textual, and historical issues are then discussed with Dr. Walt where pertinent. The time spent working through each passage depends on the student, their language foundation, and future goals. For some, a full chapter can be covered in a class. For others, only two or three verses might be analyzed as they desire to dig much deeper. Just let Dr. Walt know your specific goals, and he will work with you to devise a customized plan to get you there.

Choosing Private or Group Classes

Private Biblical Hebrew Classes

These classes provide direct 1-on-1 time with Dr. Walt, who can move through the material as slow or as fast as you wish. Private classes provide the most flexibility and are the best choice for many students.

Group Biblical Hebrew Classes

Group classes of 2-5 students remain small enough for Dr. Walt to answer individual questions and facilitate peer-student interaction. Many students find they greatly benefit from learning side-by-side with other like-minded learners.

At this time, does not form groups. It is up to students to find learning companions at the same level for group classes. This option is perfect for beginner students, seminary students taking a Hebrew class together, local pastors, homeschool families, etc. For more information on group scheduling, canceling, and other details, please see the FAQs page.

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Schedule Online Biblical Hebrew Classes on Your Time

You may book classes based on your schedule and Dr. Walt’s availability, as shown on the booking calendar. Dr. Walt works hard to maintain consistency with his class availability (generally on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).

Likewise, students are encouraged to select a consistent day and time for weekly classes. Not only does this help maintain momentum, but it makes scheduling easier for everyone. Plus, classes can be taken from anywhere. Dr. Walt has students complete lessons from home and away from home, like the office, a coffee shop, and even moving vehicles. Of course, conflicts sometimes arise, and you can learn more about booking and canceling classes on the FAQs page.

If you do not see a time that works for you, please fill out the Class Interest form to have your name added to the waiting list for future availability.

Pricing is Simple:

Private Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 1 Student

Single Class: $40

Package of 10 Classes: $35 per class

Group Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 2-5 Students

Single Class: $25 per student

Package of 10 Classes: $20 per student, per class

How Do I Register and Attend Classes?

It’s easy. Just follow steps 1-4 shown below:

Step 1 of 4

Pick a Language

Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, or Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Step 2 of 4

Choose a Plan

Private or group classes in single or ten–class packages (see above).

Step 3 of 4

Select a Time

Class times are always shown in your time zone for easy scheduling.

Step 4 of 4

Begin Learning

Log into the classroom from wherever you are and continue learning!

About Dr. Walt

Dr. Walt is a university instructor with a passion for ancient languages such as Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, and Middle Egyptian. He holds two Master’s Degrees (M.A.s), in addition to a Master of Divinity (M.Div.), and a Ph.D. in Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern history, archaeology, and languages. Through, Dr. Walt hopes to make personalized ancient language learning accessible and affordable. You can read more about Dr. Walt on the About page.

Photo of Dr. Walt in Israel in 2007.
Image: Dr. Walt making an archeological discovery in Israel in 2007. Property of Dr. Walt.

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On, the term “Biblical Hebrew” is used frequently. For reference, you may also find Biblical Hebrew referred to as Ancient Hebrew, Classical Hebrew, Old Testament Hebrew, or simply “Hebrew.” These are not to be confused with Modern Hebrew (also referred to as “Hebrew”), which is distinct from the Biblical Hebrew upon which it is based.

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