LIVE, online homeschool ancient language classes personalized for your learning needs!

Dr. Walt is a university instructor and homeschool father specializing in ANE languages like Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Having the opportunity to learn an ancient language is rare. Nevertheless, it can provide students with numerous benefits.

Consequently, Dr. Walt aims to open up this field of study — particularly Biblical Hebrew — for high school-level homeschooled students!

Dr. Walt teaches homeschool foreign language classes in Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, and Middle Egyptian.

First, Regarding High School Foreign Language Requirements…

High school foreign language requirements are a bit of a gray area.

Roughly half of US states require two years, on average, of foreign language studies. And roughly half of US colleges and universities require high school foreign language credit(s) for admission. You may or may not fall into one or both of these categories. Even if you do, the requirements vary by state and university. Some simply require a letter grade on a transcript, while others require minimum language proficiency examination results. This is easy enough for the standard modern languages but can become more difficult for less common modern and ancient languages.

How this impacts Dr. Walt’s ancient language classes:

Currently, most high school state graduation requirements simply look for a language other than English, ancient languages included. However, while many colleges will accept classical and ancient languages like Latin, Greek, and Biblical Hebrew, some do not. Ancient Languages like Akkadian and Egyptian Hieroglyphs are even harder to test for and, therefore, less likely to be accepted (though still possible). Ultimately, if full homeschool foreign language credit is essential for your university plans, we recommend contacting your intended school(s) for guidance.

Nevertheless, as Biblical Hebrew is the most likely of Dr. Walt’s ancient languages to meet university foreign language requirements, he has structured his Biblical Hebrew content into complete homeschool foreign language courses (see below). Of course, if anyone is interested in learning Akkadian or Egyptian Hieroglyphs, these can be studied via Dr. Walt’s regular open-ended “tutoring” method. Students can earn elective credit for Akkadian or Egyptian Hieroglyphs, but we do not recommend relying on them for foreign language credit. Likewise, elective credit is always an option for Biblical Hebrew. This can be especially helpful for those who have already fulfilled their homeschool foreign language requirement.

A Note on “Units:”

The term “unit” refers to a full foreign language “credit.” This is because, at the high school level, a year of a foreign language is generally needed to satisfy a unit (1.0 credit). In contrast, at the college level, only a semester of a foreign language is generally needed to satisfy a unit (3.0 credit). Dr. Walt’s courses are based on college-level curricula so that they can satisfy a high school unit in one semester rather than two. Perhaps this can be better understood by looking at a college’s current advising policy:

By the time students graduate from the university, they must meet a language study requirement.

For most majors, the minimum requirement may be met in middle or high school by completing 2 units of a single foreign or classical language or American Sign Language. (3 units for those students who will graduate from certain majors within Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences). […]

If students do not meet the foreign language requirement prior to attending [Virginia Tech], it may also be met after admission by earning 6 semester hours [2 units] of college-level foreign or classical language credit or American Sign Language. Such credits are in addition to that number normally required for graduation in a student’s program of study.

Virginia Tech Undergraduate Foreign Language Requirement (; Accessed September 2023)

Why Dr. Walt’s Homeschool Biblical Hebrew Classes?

Daily, Practical Value

Today, there is a growing movement amongst homeschoolers to learn Latin as part of a classical-style education. Studying Latin certainly has its benefits. However, Dr. Walt would argue that for Christian and Jewish students, studying Biblical Hebrew or Greek can have greater benefits. According to Zondervan Academic, “77.3 percent of the entire Bible was originally written in Hebrew. So if we want to know what the Bible says and how to accurately communicate it, we should learn the language in which the vast majority of the Bible was written.”

Studying a modern language for several years in high school often results in students remembering only a few common phrases as the years pass. Conversely, studying Biblical Hebrew for 2-3 semesters can be kept up by reading Scripture in its original language as often as desired. Even if memory fades with time, benefits remain. These can include improved historical, cultural, and theological understanding, the ability to use advanced Bible study tools, and a more profound love for the Scriptures. In this context, Biblical Hebrew is not just an ancient language but can provide practical, daily value.


An Eternal Impact

The original Hebrew is beautiful and can bring new and deeper meaning to even commonly read passages. Dr. Walt’s homeschool courses provide college-level Biblical Hebrew material in a comfortable homeschool setting to help students achieve a reading level as soon as possible. Imagine your teenager sitting down to their morning devotions and having a whole new world opened to them as they examine the Scriptures in not just English but Biblical Hebrew too. This can have an unimaginable eternal impact on students as they draw closer to God and His word.

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Homeschool Foreign Languages - Biblical Hebrew Bible
Homeschool Foreign Languages: Biblical Hebrew Student Studying
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Homeschool Biblical Hebrew Course Levels

Homeschoolers with 1 Foreign Language Unit Requirement Should Choose:

The “Beginner” Level Homeschool Biblical Hebrew Course (1 Semester)

A single semester of Dr. Walt’s Homeschool Biblical Hebrew covers foundational or “beginner-level” content. For instance, Dr. Walt utilizes the Basics of Biblical Hebrew textbook and companion workbook. At the university/seminary level, this curriculum is generally covered over two semesters, i.e., “Biblical Hebrew I” and “Biblical Hebrew II.” As such, completing roughly half of the textbook and workbook earns credit for a single unit. The homeschool course takes 18 weeks (classes) with Dr. Walt to reach the mid-point. This includes additional immersive elements created by Dr. Walt to accentuate comprehension and expand the curriculum. Nevertheless, like all of Dr. Walt’s personalized classes, this can be condensed or expanded to fit each student’s needs. For example, a 2-class/week summer course can be completed over 9 weeks.

Homeschoolers with 2 Foreign Language Unit Requirements Should Choose:

The “Beginner” and “Intermediate” Level Homeschool Hebrew Courses (2 Semesters)

Two semesters of Dr. Walt’s Homeschool Biblical Hebrew classes cover “beginner and intermediate” content. For example, Dr. Walt uses the Basics of Biblical Hebrew textbook and workbook from the Basics series. This curriculum is widely used to teach “Biblical Hebrew I” and “Biblical Hebrew II” at the university/seminary level, generally over two semesters. As such, completing these (along with Dr. Walt’s additional immersive elements, like reading through the book of Ruth) earns two foreign language units. The 2-semester homeschool course comprises (2) 18-week semesters (36 classes total). However, like all of Dr. Walt’s personalized classes, the curriculum can be condensed or expanded to fit each student’s needs. For example, an 18-week semester can be condensed into a 9-week summer course with two classes/week.

Homeschoolers with 3+ Foreign Language Unit Requirements Should Choose:

The “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced” Level Homeschool Courses (3+ Semesters)

After two semesters with Dr. Walt, you will have completed a college-level curriculum for Biblical Hebrew’s “beginner” and “intermediate” levels. At this point, your studies will become more text-based as you read through key selections from the Hebrew Bible. You can then discuss grammar, vocabulary, and other essential elements as they arise. Studying an additional 18 weeks (classes) with Dr. Walt completes a third unit. An additional 18 weeks (classes) qualifies for a fourth foreign language unit. As with all of Dr. Walt’s personalized classes, this can be condensed or expanded to fit each student’s needs. For example, a 2-class/week summer course can be condensed into nine weeks.

Please see the Biblical Hebrew course page for more information on Dr. Walt’s approach. For those planning on pursuing biblical studies, Dr. Walt’s homeschool Biblical Hebrew courses are highly recommended. His “textbook and immersion” teaching style helps students establish a solid foundation. Testing out of Biblical Hebrew at the undergrad, seminary, or graduate level may also be possible for those keeping up their language level.

Grading, Homework, and Course Credit

Typically, Dr. Walt does not give examinations or grades for his online ancient language courses. However, he makes an exception for high-school-age homeschool students. Several quizzes are given throughout the semester, along with a midterm and final exam. Combined with class discussions and workbook progress, these are used by Dr. Walt to establish a final grade (A, B, C, D, or F). Students should anticipate averaging 5-6 hours each week on homework for a standard 18-week semester.

Dr. Walt provides all of his homeschool students with a “Letter of Completion” that includes their final grade. Letters clearly state the credit earned, the curriculum used, and that the class covered college-level foreign language coursework with a university instructor. A student completing 2+ semesters with Dr. Walt will receive separate letters, each with a grade for their respective semesters.

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Individual and Group Homeschool Class Pricing

1 Student

55-minute Live Classes

18-Class Semester: $630

(Private Classes)

2-3 Students

55-minute Live Classes

18-Class Semester: $360


4-5 Students

55-minute Live Classes

18-Class Semester: $270


Finding one or more learning companions can reduce class costs significantly!

Group classes are ideal for siblings, homeschooling friends, and even homeschool co-ops. Plus, with online classes, friends and family members in different parts of the country (or world) can learn together.

Private vs. Group Homeschool Classes

Individual homeschool foreign language classes provide direct 1-on-1 time with Dr. Walt. This is ideal as he can move through the material at a student’s natural pace. Private classes provide the most flexibility. This is often the best choice for students who anticipate excelling or struggling with a foreign language.

Group homeschool foreign language classes of 2-5 students remain small enough to provide a comfortable atmosphere and opportunity for Dr. Walt to answer individual questions. Moreover, the cost is lower per student, and many students enjoy studying with their peers outside of class. Currently, does not place students in group classes. It is up to students to find learning companions at the same level for group classes. However, homeschoolers can typically form classes with siblings, friends or even a local homeschooling coop relatively easily. For more information on group scheduling, canceling, and other details, please see the FAQs page.

Registering and Attending Classes:

  • For both private and small-group classes, please fill out the Class Interest form. Please include the date you want to start, the number of participants, and “homeschool class” in the comments section.
  • We will then create a custom class that you/your group member(s) can book separately. Once we create the class, we will email you a link to the class booking section.
  • You can then follow the booking and payment instructions to complete your registration. Doing so will automatically create an account on our website.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please order your textbook and workbook.
  • Then, log in to the classroom at the appointed time and begin learning!
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Please review the calendar and select a day and time that suits your schedule. Classes are typically available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Dr. Walt strives to remain consistent with his class availability.

Dr. Walt’s homeschool classes run for 18 weeks, although this may be longer if a holiday or other conflict extends the semester. A “semester” can begin anytime and does not have to follow the traditional spring/fall format. You can learn more about booking and canceling classes on the FAQs page.)

If you do not see a time that works for you, please fill out the Waiting List form and note “homeschool class” in the other comments section. Your name will be added to the waiting list for the next available time that fits your schedule.

Studying Biblical Hebrew for a Foreign Language Credit
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Homeschool Foreign Languages Summarized

Biblical Hebrew classes with Dr. Walt are an excellent way for homeschoolers to follow their interests and fulfill elective or high school foreign language requirements. Instruction is personalized, and classes are capped at five students to ensure healthy participation and comprehension. Courses utilize college-level material (with a college instructor!), providing high school students with good exposure to higher-level work.

A foreign language unit can be completed in a semester rather than a year. In addition, Dr. Walt provides a “Letter of Completion” with a student’s final grade for easy record-keeping. Moreover, advanced homeschool students may be able to test out of a college-level class, and the cost, especially for small groups, is far less expensive than a university course. Most importantly, studying Biblical Hebrew can bring the Scriptures to life and provide lifelong enjoyment and understanding in a new and powerful way!

Please don’t hesitate to share Dr. Walt’s LIVE online ancient language classes with others …