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Why Learn Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs?

To be sure, Egyptian hieroglyphs are one of the most iconic and recognizable artifacts from the ancient world. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs appeared on the world stage over 5,000 years ago and were used to write the ancient Egyptian language for over three thousand years. As a matter of fact, a later form of the language, called Coptic, which is based on the Greek script, still survives as a liturgical language in the Coptic church today!

The system of using pictographs to represent sounds or thoughts was an ingenious but complex way of representing the spoken language. Further, while we are able to read and understand ancient Egyptian texts, hieroglyphs do not preserve vowels, so we really do know what the language originally sounded like. Nevertheless, with perseverance and dedication, learning to recognize, read, and write Egyptian hieroglyphs is possible.

So why Middle Egyptian? The Middle Egyptian language is considered the “classical” stage of the language and is used as the basis for teaching it.  

Walking through an ancient Egyptian tomb.
Learn to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs like these!
Images: Courtesy of Pixabay, above, and Dr. Walt, below.

Who would benefit from learning to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?

In a word — anyone. Ancient Egypt has fascinated learners of all ages for centuries with its unique history, culture, and language. Many want to deepen their understanding and appreciation by learning how to decipher these fascinating Egyptian symbols. This could be as a hobby or to prepare for a trip to “the land of pharaohs.” Similarly, history and language buffs often want to experience for themselves how one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the world expressed their thoughts. Likewise, students of the Ancient Near East or the contextual world of the Hebrew Bible often want to explore in more depth Egyptian textual material as a “distant cousin” of the Semitic family of languages. As you can see, there are various reasons. What about you — what is your interest in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Egyptian wall paintings often combined images and glyphs for a complete cultural experience.
Ancient Egyptian symbols covered everything from the mundane to epic.
Images: Courtesy of The MET Museum

What Level Online Hieroglyphics Classes are Available?

Ultimately, online classes will be offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Middle Egyptian learners. However, at this time, Dr. Walt is switching textbooks and developing material for a better user experience. As such, Middle Egyptian classes are currently only open to beginner students. If you are interested in intermediate or advanced courses, please get in touch with us here, and your name will be added to the waiting list. For information on homeschool courses, please click here.

You really can learn ancient Egyptian!
Just another example of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Images: Courtesy of Canva

Ancient Egyptian Language Course Levels:

Beginner Hieroglyphics Classes:

At this time, Dr. Walt only offers classes for those just beginning their journey to learn to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. This hieroglyphics course comprises online instruction, reading exercises in class and as homework, and supplemental material created by Dr. Walt. It is imperative for students to have a good language reference and exercise book. For this reason, students must acquire James Allen’s Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (3rd edition, Cambridge University Press). Together, this textbook and Dr. Walt’s additional material help bring the ancient world of the Egyptians to life! Please see the Resource page for more information.

Intermediate & Advanced Hieroglyphics Classes:

As noted above, Dr. Walt is in the process of switching textbooks and developing new supplementary material. For that reason, he is currently only taking students at the beginner level. However, if you are interested in intermediate or advanced level classes, please fill out the Class Interest form to have your name added to the waiting list for more advanced levels.

Dr. Walt supplies his students with supplemental resources at all levels. These include language charts, diagrams, and illustrations to enhance the learning process further!

Hieroglyphs covering the columns and cross supports in Karnak.
Image: Courtesy of Dr. Walt

Dr. Walt’s Thoughts on Learning Middle Egyptian…

For many, learning to read hieroglyphs may seem out of reach, something only attempted in a few prestigious universities with a stodgy Egyptology professor. Nevertheless, the alluring and captivating nature of the language has drawn many people in and led them to realize that learning ancient hieroglyphs is possible.   

Make no mistake, reading Egyptian hieroglyphs is not easy. Ancient Egyptian is a dead language. The correlation between the hieroglyphs and their meaning(s) can be mysterious, and the writing system preserved no vowels. Thus, we do not so much “read” hieroglyphs — like one would read a book — as we decipher the meaning behind the ancient Egyptian symbols and images. 

Ultimately, it is my goal to guide and equip you as you strive to meet your goal of learning Egyptian hieroglyphs. I do this through instruction, collaborative reading and speaking exercises, providing supplementary material (such as flashcards and charts), and homework to solidify the concepts covered in class. In addition, I strive to take a personalized, multi-faceted approach to each class that should help you progress with clear understanding and confidence.   

One of Dr. Walt's photos taken in Egypt of classic hieroglyphic carvings.
Image: Courtesy of Dr. Walt
Learn the ancient Egyptian language to decipher these obelisks and more.
Are you wondering what the ancient symbols on this drinking cup mean?
Images: Courtesy of The MET Museum

Ancient Egyptian Classes with Dr. Walt are Not Limited to:

  • Personalized instruction that includes answers to your questions
  • Reading and decoding exercises with Dr. Walt to cement understanding  
  • Invaluable handouts designed by Dr. Walt to supplement the textbook
  • Flashcards and other learning devices for broadening glyph recognition 
  • Cultural, geographical, and archeological discussions for increased comprehension
  • Your own language “coach” to motivate and encourage you through the difficult stages
The ancient Egyptian language learning process can be difficult but rewarding.
Another great example of ancient Egyptian writing.
Images: Courtesy of Canva

Registering and Attending Classes Is Simple:

Book your first class, which also automatically creates your account. When booking, choose “Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs” and a private or group class with single-class or discounted package pricing. Next, view the calendar to select the class time that works for you and pay via the checkout page. If you haven’t done so already, order your Middle Egyptian textbook. Then, enter the online classroom at your specified time to learn ancient Egyptian with its fascinating symbols!

Egyptian hieroglyphs cover everything from stone to papyrus.
Learn how to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs like these.
Images: Courtesy of The MET Museum

Classes may be purchased individually or in packages:

Private Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 1 Student

Single Class: $40

Package of 10 Classes: $35 per class

Group Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 2-5 Students

Single Class: $25 per student

Package of 10 Classes: $20 per student, per class

To Go with Private Classes or Not…

Learn Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Private Classes

The 1-on-1 time allows you to progress at your speed, with content tailored to your personal interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Private classes provide the most flexibility and are the best choice for many students, particularly those who anticipate moving more quickly or slowly through the material.

Learn Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Group Classes

Ranging from just 2-5 students, these small groups still allow Dr. Walt to answer individual questions and provide personalized feedback. In addition, many students find the peer interaction extremely beneficial.

However, please note that Ancient-Languages.com does not currently assemble groups. Interested students must find learning companions to assemble a small group themselves. Please see the FAQs page for more information on group class policies.

Studying hieroglyphs is like a doorway into a whole new world.
When it comes to Egyptian monumental works, perspective really makes a difference, as you can see in this image of Dr. Walt with a pharaoh.
Images: Courtesy of Dr. Walt

Scheduling Online Hieroglyphics Lessons:

Please select a class time from any of the available time slots currently showing on the calendar. Generally, Dr. Walt’s classes are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and he works hard to maintain consistent availability. Similarly, students are encouraged to choose a consistent day and time for weekly classes. However, with online classes, your location is not limited, as students can log on from home, the office, a coffee shop, or other favorite place for learning hieroglyphics. Please see the FAQs page for more information on booking and canceling classes.

If you do not see a time that works for you, please complete the Class Interest questionnaire to be added to the waiting list for future availability to learn ancient Egyptian.

About Dr. Walt

Dr. Walt is a university instructor with a passion for ancient languages such as Middle Egyptian, Biblical Hebrew, and Akkadian. He holds two Master’s Degrees (M.A.s), a Master of Divinity (M.Div.), and a Ph.D. in Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern history, archaeology, and languages. Through Ancient-Languages.com, Dr. Walt hopes to make personalized ancient language learning accessible and affordable. You can read more about Dr. Walt on the About page.

Dr. Walt in Egypt in front of the pyramids in Giza.
Image: Property of Dr. Walt

Ready to Learn Ancient Egyptian Online?

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