Interested in learning an Ancient Language?

Dr. Walt is a university instructor with a PASSION for ancient languages and a desire to make PERSONALIZED online ancient language learning ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE.

Learn Ancient Languages with Dr. Walt like Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew, and Middle Egyptian.

LIVE, online private and small group classes are available with Dr. Walt in Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, and Middle Egyptian.

Finding quality Classes to Learn ancient languages is difficult

Few US universities offer ancient languages like Akkadian and Middle Egyptian. Those that do are generally elite institutions with a residential format. These courses provide much-needed dialogue, instruction, and peer learning. Nevertheless, access is limited due to location, cost, course frequency, and auditing restrictions (assuming one is not pursuing a degree).

Consequently, many ancient language learners turn to self-study or online classes. However, these also present challenges. Without expert guidance, self-directed studies can be overwhelming. Online materials are convenient, but these are often incomplete or inaccurate. Furthermore, the limited courses available generally cover just the basics, without live interaction.

Unfortunately, far too many ancient language learners never achieve their goals.

However, is helping to eliminate these hurdles. Convenient, online classes provide college-level material without the college hassle, at a fraction of the price. Live interaction ensures questions get answered quickly and accurately for consistent, measurable advancement. 

Moreover, classes are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and Dr. Walt’s personalized guidance and accountability naturally stimulate progress. Classes on are designed to help you advance while remaining convenient, affordable, and easy to start.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced ancient language learner, personalized online classes with Dr. Walt can help you achieve your goals!

How It Works:

Learn Ancient Languages Step 1

Pick a Language

Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, or Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Step 2

Choose a Plan

Private or small-group classes and single versus package payments (see below).

Step 3

Select a Time

The booking calendar shows availability in your time zone for easy scheduling.

Step 4

Begin Learning

Log into the classroom from wherever you are and continue learning!

Pricing is Simple:

Private Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 1 Student

Single Class: $40

Package of 10 Classes: $35 per class

Group Classes

55-minute Live Classes for 2-5 Students

Single Class: $25 per student

Package of 10 Classes: $20 per student, per class

Classes are great for university students, pastors, hobbyists, homeschool families, or anyone else interested in learning an ancient language — worldwide.

Learn Ancient Languages

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